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Our core competencies, services and medical technology infrastructure are already relied on by many well-known customers. You are welcome to use our references for further information on specific questions: Please contact us please contact us.


In-House, Executive and Manager
Headquarters IBM Germany

Since 2014, CorporateHealth has been successfully providing health check-ups for executives and managers at IBM Germany’s headquarters in its nationwide prevention centers. In addition, CorporateHealth, together with cooperating medical teams, regularly carries out in-house check-ups at selected IBM locations for selected groups of employees at IBM throughout Germany. This provides IBM employees with an overview of their individual health status in a time-saving and informative way.

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 IBM In-House, Executive und Manager Zentrale IBM Deutschland
 Henkel In-House bundesweit in den Werken vor Ort


In-house on site at the facilities nationwide

Since 2017, CorporateHealth has been working with cooperating medical teams at Henkel in Germany to successfully roll out an in-house check-up program step by step. The program is financed by a company health insurance scheme for preventive healthcare via a health policy. The employees receive comprehensive preventive protection in four stages directly at the plants: basic risk check-up, heart attack risk check-up, stroke risk check-up and a Physio-Fit musculoskeletal check-up. Advantages: The employee receives the preventive care directly at the workplace (time saving), requires a maximum of one hour per module, a total of 4 times a year, the offer is repeated every two years. The program is in great demand among Henkel employees.

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REWE Group

Nationwide manager check-ups

CorporateHealth has been working for REWE throughout Germany since 2013. After a successful start at the Rewe headquarters, we now also provide Rewe managers with high-quality medical prevention standards at our 23 cooperating CorporateHealth centers throughout Germany. We guarantee the same high medical standards for Rewe managers at every location.

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 REWE Group Bundesweite Manager Check-ups

Customer testimonials

Thomas Reiher

Head of
Group HR Management

“With access to the top prevention centers in Germany and the option of being treated directly at a top level in the event of any findings, CorporateHealth is one of our most important partners in global occupational health management.”

Patric Traut


“We have been working successfully and extensively with CorporateHealth since 2014. Our executives and managers are in the cooperating centers in Stuttgart and Tübingen and we regularly carry out in-house check-ups for our employees with the cooperating medical teams from CorporateHealth.”

Frank Sportolari †


“CorporateHealth is an ideal partner that does exactly what its name suggests. Our participants have reported overwhelmingly that they were impressed by the competence of the cooperating doctors and the professionalism of the organization.”

Participants’ feedback from our health check-ups:

Check-up participant, In-House 2023

“I particularly like the fact that it is possible to have the examinations carried out directly on site”

Check-up participant, In-House 2023

“The process from the information to the appointment to the check-up – everything was great and to my complete satisfaction. There was virtually no waiting time and everyone was super friendly and competent. I felt I was in good hands.”

Check-up participant, Center Berlin

“Absolutely recommend. Especially as a public health insurance patient, you never get to enjoy this detailed diagnosis otherwise”

Check-up participant, Center Leverkusen

“I can only warmly recommend the prevention center in Leverkusen.”

Check-up participant, Center Düsseldorf

“A really great thing, I’ll definitely do another check next time.”

Check-up participant, Center Berlin

“The doctor took more time than expected and considered all the aspects I raised. THANK YOU.”

Corporate Health

CorporateHealth offers you an all-round service for manager and employee check-ups, prevention programmes and a comprehensive analysis of personal health risks, including advice.

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