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About us

Dr. Glismann mit Sr. Relationship Managerin K. Ropohl

In search of innovative preventive medicine

Dr. Glismann’s professional journey was triggered by his experiences, particularly in the United States. Observing the advances in preventive medicine and cutting-edge technology, he recognised the contrast with the state of preventive medicine in Europe. He envisioned an efficient health promotion programme based on proven preventive medicine diagnostics that went beyond traditional boundaries.

“It’s about managing health instead of just diagnosing it.”

The key aspect is to provide individuals with the knowledge and technology they need to understand their health on a day-to-day basis and take action independently and conveniently.


Interest in the expansion of preventive medicine initiatives grew steadily. Dr Glismann recognised a gap in the German healthcare system, which focused predominantly on the care and treatment of patients and less on preventative measures. Driven by numerous insights from his professional career, Dr Glismann founded his first company – a five-star health centre in Hamburg that focuses on preventive medicine and health management rather than “patient repair”. Two leading professors from the University of Munich worked at the 1,000 square metre centre for cutting-edge diagnostics. Together, they built the centre from the ground up and looked after private patients and company managers. Building on this success, Dr Glismann founded CorporateHealth with new partners in 2012.

Growing expertise network

Starting with the vision of founding a preventive medicine company, CorporateHealth has since established itself as one of the leading providers of corporate diagnostics. The strategic approach was to introduce a step-by-step model, which has since been extended to 25 cooperating health centres throughout Germany.

We envision CorporateHealth evolving into a comprehensive disease prevention and medical diagnostics company that goes beyond its original role as a provider of corporate diagnostics and health management for its corporate clients and patients.

CorporateHealth has ventured into the world of e-health technologies. We are proud of the transformation of an innovative IT platform that not only manages electronic health records, but also seamlessly integrates e-health and AI-based solutions from top providers in the market.

Corporate Health

CorporateHealth offers you an all-round service for manager and employee check-ups, prevention programmes and a comprehensive analysis of personal health risks, including advice.

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