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Our Mission

First-class preventive medicine for all employees

CorporateHealth with passion

Following his doctorate in cariovascular engineering in the USA, inspired by the lighthouse project “Medical Prevention Camp” in Dallas (USA) and his work at Deloitte as a management consultant in the field of “Innovative HealthCare Projects”, Dr Glismann returned to Germany.

His realisation: Germany is characterised by “reparative medicine” – and comprehensive preventive medicine has been the exception rather than the rule. For this reason, Dr Glismann laid the foundations for premium preventive programmes in Germany with CorporateHealth and, together with partners, established the multi-award-winning, leading CorporateHealth check-up programme for companies.

Based on the guiding values: “Highest quality”, “Innovation” and “Trust”, Dr Glismann aims to establish accessible preventive medical excellence diagnostics on a broader scale in corporate healthcare. CORPORATEHEALTH therefore stands for first-class preventive medicine for employees.

Dr. Cornelius Glismann
Managing Director CorporateHealth
Dr. Cornelius Glismann - Präventivmedizin für alle Mitarbeiter
Corporate Health

CorporateHealth offers you an all-round service for manager and employee check-ups, prevention programmes and a comprehensive analysis of personal health risks, including advice.

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